Monday, October 22, 2012

Starhawk: Cypress DLC

  Our fist DLC patch for Starhawk was the swampy planet of Cypress.  This was easily the most enjoyable planet to work on.  With Mark Skelton, we sculpted all of the plants and trees, roots and stubs which jutted all throughout the ground and reached to the clouds.  These trees were broken into modular units so that we could create each tree individually but at a quick pace.  No two trees are alike.

  For most of these levels I was in charge of layout as well.

  The boulders for Cypress had to be designed with the tree root interaction in mind. These forms best interact with the roots, they would bend over or reach around the rocks.  It was fun sculpting with this in mind, it helped point out where I should focus any detail and where I should leave smooth for when moss would grow and cover an area.  Matthew Breit wrote an excellent shader for the moss in which the moss would always grow ontop of the asset regardless of which way you rotated it.

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